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Protecting your home and family from burglars doesn’t have to result in transforming your lovely residential property into Fort Knox. Bartel Security doors offers a range of artistic and stylised steel security doors that will suit the design of your home without sacrificing durability or protection. Whether you’re after something that’s simple and practical, traditional and attractive or stylish and geometrical, then we have the range for you.

We’re the home security experts

As an Australian owned and run business, we understand the need to protect your families, this was the core desire that spawned our company in the first place. 35 years later, we’re still committed to that belief and providing high quality products, exceptional customer service and steel doors with the strength that demonstrates our dedication to only producing the best.

Added benefits to your residential property

As well as offering a greater level of safety, our stylish and aesthetic doors will improve the overall quality of your house. They do this by adding a lasting feature to your property that won’t degrade over time like their wooden counterparts are prone to do. Things such as wind, rain, termites and fire aren’t a problem and won’t erode the materials to the point where they need to be restored or replaced.

They are also a more eco-friendly alternative as they have the option to be recycled at a later point, preventing the unnecessary wastage of natural resources. We’re very big on reducing our environmental impact and make every precaution we can to prevent material wastage.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to discuss our residential security doors or repair services further, please call us on (03) 9459 5056 and we can arrange an obligation free quote to see how we can best serve you.

  • Contemporary Range
  • Victorian Range
  • Colonial Range
  • Heritage Range
  • Classic Range
  • Federation Range
  • Protector Range
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