Bartel Security Doors

Door Restoration

We offer a range of services in this space:


  • We bring steel doors back to new condition, whether it be a rusted or tired door or for a colour change. Once the door is back to bare steel we treat it like one of ours. We can replace handles, locks, closers and mesh in the process as well as repair anything that needs it.


  • We can remove and replace old mesh with a variety of new mesh options (on site).


  • Old locks, broken handles, damaged closers are sometimes hard to replace. We are experienced in offering you the best solution for your problem.
Deepdene (2)
Ivanhoe (3)
Toorak (2)
Coburg (2)
MooneePonds before (2)
MooneePonds after (2)
Graceland (before)
Graceland (after) (2)
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