BARTEL Security Doors

Aluminium Doors and Screens

MaxView Range

Our MaxView range is our low cost range of aluminum doors (hinged and sliding) and fixed window screens, it uses a generic aluminium extruded frame and comes in a range of over 20 colours and 3 security grade mesh options.  All doors are fitted with quality hardware and the hinged doors are fitted with a Lockwood 8654 triple lock as standard and they comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

(Max Height: 2300mm &  Max Width: 850mm)

There are 3 types of mesh available:

  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Security Grade Perforated Aluminium Mesh
  • Security Grade VisionGuard (Limited Vision Mesh)

SecureView Range

We also offer the premium range of SecureView aluminum doors (hinged and sliding) and fixed window screens.  The SecureView uses a unique Australian Patented extrusion and fixing method that maintains unsurpassed strength and durability, perfect for all Australian conditions. All SecureView hinged doors are manufactured with triple locks and comply with all relevant Australian Standards.


  • Maximum Height: 2700mm
  • Maximum Width: 1300mm
  • Airflow: Allows 22.1% more air vs. old fashioned Diamond Grille with flyscreen
  • Woven Mesh hole aperture: 1.6mm (316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel)
  • Perforated Mesh hole aperture: 2.1mm (1.6mm Hardened Aluminium Sheet)
  • Complies with all relevant Australian Standards
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